Transport Guide

Take care with transport access to Tamagawa Hot Spring as it is very different in the summer period (late April – late November) compared to the winter period (late November – late April). Route 341 that runs between Nishinkan Restaurant on the Tazawako side and Sumikawa on the Kazuno side is closed during the winter period and regular vehicles are unable to pass.

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Notices The hot spring is completely no smoking so you can spend an even pleasanter time here.
Tamagawa Hot Spring is a place to stay for therapeutic bathing (toji) for the purpose of recovery and convalescence and is different to other hot spring areas and tourist areas.
It’s possible to stay in ryokan accommodation including meals here or in self-catering accommodation where you cook meals yourself. There are various rules to follow here due to being situated in a national park and the unique environment of a strong acidic hot spring. Come and try this hot spring full of the virtues of healing.