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This spring boasts the strongest acidic hot spring water in Japan with a pH1.2 and the largest discharge from one spot in Japan.
Soak in the water just as it is naturally, neither adding to it nor drawing the water.

The spring water of Tamagawa Hot Spring is colourless, an extremely acidic pH1.2 and the temperature of its source is 98℃.
The spring quality is extremely distinctive with its sulfurous odor and trace amounts of radium radiation.
This spring is loved by all for being effective for various ailments and you can expect improvement in lots of diseases and symptoms and in the ability of the body to heal.

About Tamagawa Hot Spring and Therapeutic Bathing Etiquette

We’ll explain the etiquette of therapeutic bathing (toji) as we hope you will all relax and enjoy spending time at Tamagawa Hot Spring doing therapeutic bathing. First-time visitors please read this information once.

Large hot spring bath (Daiyokujo)

  • Utase-yu
  • Steam Hot Spring・Steam Box
    Steam Hot Spring・Steam Box
  • Hitaatama-yu・Ne-yu
  • Small bath for charter
    Small bath for charter
  • Indoor Bedrock Bathing
    Indoor Bedrock Bathing
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