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Experience the luxury of the simplicity of life at the therapeutic bathing inns away from the modern world and feel the life of the earth.

Accommodation Types

At Tamagawa Hot Spring with the concept of being “the home of therapeutic bathing (toji)” we aim to provide lodgings that you can use with peace of mind that are focused on guests having long stays for therapeutic bathing (toji).

Accommodations at Tamagawa Hot Spring are largely separated into two types.

Ryokan Section

The price for these accommodations includes the room fee and meals.
There are two meals provided for each night that you stay; a cafe´ style evening meal and buffet style breakfast the following day. Make yourself at home and enjoy this basic accommodation style.

  • Japanese Rooms
    Japanese Rooms
    Room sizes from 4.5 tatami mats to 7.5 tatami mats are available to suit the number of people using the room.
    These rooms are fitted with a TV, refrigerator and toilet.
  • Western Rooms
    Western Rooms
    These rooms have beds that don’t put much strain on people’s legs and backs.
    The rooms are also fitted with a TV, refrigerator and toilet.

Self-Catering Section

※The self-catering building is open for business from 20th April to 20th November.
This style of accommodation is basically “room only”.
Meals are not included in the price so guests need to pay extra charges for meals or to cook their own meals. There’s a kitchen in the self-catering building so guests can cook their own meals. There’s a microwave and gas cooker available for use but guests will need to bring food and utensils with them. You can enjoy a free choice of meals as you can make food that you enjoy.

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Facilities of the Hot Spring Buildings

  • Shop

    Main Building C Wing 1st Floor
    There are products to make your skin beautiful on sale here including Tamagawa Hot Spring’s specialty “Yu no Hana (bathing salts)”, Yuze make-up products and soap. Food goods and daily necessities are also on sale for guests on long stays. You can also buy mats and blankets for bedrock bathing.

    Business hours
    Summer period: 8:00-17:00
  • Food Stall

    Main Building C Wing 1st Floor (on the side of the shop)
    Famous products of Akita like kiritanpo and soft ice cream are on sale here. The kiritanpo which are on spits are covered in a miso paste with a secret recipe and then lightly grilled. The aroma of the miso is wonderful.

    Business Hours
    10:00-15:30 (late May to late October)
  • Restaurant

    South Building 1st Floor
    Breakfast and dinner is prepared here for guests staying at the hot spring. A cafeteria style dinner and buffet style breakfast is offered here. At lunchtime you can buy meal tickets then choose what you want to eat from a selection of noodle dishes, rice dishes and set meals.

    Business hours
    Morning: 7:00-9:00 ※Buffet
    Lunch: 11:30-13:15 ※Alacarte menu (meal tickets)
      ※Last order 13:00
    Evening: 17:30-20:00 ※Cafeteria
  • Communal Kitchen

    Self-Catering Wing 1st & 2nd Floor
    The communal kitchen is fitted with a gas cooker, sink and refrigerator (fee charged) for use by guests staying here. However, guests need to bring their own cups, chopsticks, dishes and utensils.

    ●Available for use in the kitchen(pot・frying pan)
    ●Use of the refrigerator is \216 per day (incl. tax)

    ○Times you can use the gas: 5:00-21:00 (free)

  • Relaxation Rooms (various kinds)

    There are a few relaxation rooms in the ryokan area including a theatre room with a large TV, a Go and Japanese chess room and a reading room. There is also an area to enjoy the meals you’ve made in the self-catering area. Spend a great time therapeutic bathing at Tamagawa.

    ※TV can be used 7:00-21:00.


  • Laundry

    There are three laundries in the hot spring building. Use of the washing machines is free but the driers cost \100 for 40mins.
    ※You can bring your own washing detergent or buy some at the shop here.

  • Massage Room

    You can have a massage on the 2nd floor of the large hot spring bath (daiyokujo)
    Foot massage 30mins \2,700
    Full massage 40mins \3,400
    Full massage 60mins \5,100

    Business hours
    10:00-22:00 (last entry 21:00)
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