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Become healthy starting with inside your body. Enjoy the dining here on your therapeutic bathing stay

●Dinner - Tamagawa Hot Spring Cafeteria Style
〜choose the main dish you like from the special dishes of the chef〜
We offer cafeteria style dining for dinner.
You can choose one main dish and several kobachi (small bowls containing different kinds of food).
For the main dish you can choose between a meat dish, a fish dish or a vegetable dish.
These main dishes change from day to day so guests on long stays can enjoy their meals here without getting bored of them.
Guests are also free to get extra helpings of rice, miso soup and salad.

Dinner as described above is standard as part of the accommodation plan.
The meals here are well balanced but for those who feel the size isn’t enough and want to try a few of the main dishes, it’s possible to pay an extra charge and choose many more dishes.
If you wish to do so, feel free to speak to the staff about it.
●Breakfast - Buffet Style
Breakfast is served buffet style.
You can eat as much as you like of the Japanese food dishes you like in this buffet.
When you stay at Tamagawa Hot Spring definitely try the freshly made rice which is grown locally in Akita and has the brand name Akita Komachi. Enjoy the characteristic chewy, sticky texture and the inherent sweetness of the Akita Komachi rice.
●Lunch - Meal Ticket Style
Buy meal tickets separately for each of the dishes you wish to eat for lunch.
There’s an abundant choice including noodle dishes, rice dishes and set meals.
There are also seasonal dishes served here. Have lunch here at your leisure.
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