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Take a short break from bathing and let the natural beauty of the scenery soothe your soul.

Towada-Hachimantai National Park Bedrock Bathing

The bedrock bathing location is a powerspot where you can experience the power of nature.
There’s an area of geothermal rocks on the side of the Tamagawa Onsen Shizen Kenkyu Road. Bedrock bathing is heat therapy where your body is warmed by the geothermal heat given off the rocks.
There are small amounts of radiation and large amounts of negative ions given off the rocks and it’s believed that these stimulate the metabolism and have a pain relieving effect.
Throughout the year lots of people from around Japan visit here to do bedrock bathing.

  • Towada-Hachimantai National Park

    Towada-Hachimantai National Park which is close to Tamagawa Hot Spring is a national park that straddles the three prefectures of Akita, Iwate and Aomori. The park encompasses the Tamagawa Onsen Shizen Kenkyu Road, bedrock areas and hot spring sources. The park is abundant in nature and you can enjoy the changing faces of the four seasons here.

  • Tamagawa Onsen Shizen Kenkyu Road
    This nature and research (shizen kenkyu) road is found within the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. On the side of this road, there are geothermal rocky areas and the source of Tamagawa Hot Spring. You can see the life and energy of the earth right before your eyes.
  • Lake Hosenko (Tamagawa Dam)
    Lake Hosenko (Tamagawa Dam)
    This is a man-made lake created when the Tamagawa Dam was built and there’s a park and dam exhibition center located on the lakeside.
    It’s about a 25mins drive from Tamagawa Hot Spring.
  • Lake Tazawako
    Lake Tazawako
    It’s a small lake with a circumference of about 20km but it’s the deepest lake in Japan with a depth of 423m. Around the lakeside there’s the Tatsuko Hime Statue and a herb garden which has free entry. The lake is about 50mins by car from Tamagawa Hot Spring.
  • Dakigaeri Gorge
    Dakigaeri Gorge
    Come and enjoy the curious nature of this gorge known as the “Yabakei Gorge of Tohoku”. From Tamagawa Hot Spring, head in the direction of Kakunodate from Lake Tazawako. The gorge is on the way to Kakunodate and takes about 90mins by car from Tamagawa. The picturesque scenery of the autumn leaves starts from around the middle of October.
  • Kakunodate Buke Yashiki (Samurai Residences)
    Kakunodate Buke Yashiki (Samurai Residences)
    Due to the appearance of the samurai residences including the Ishiguro Samurai House and Aoyagi Samurai House lined up along the street, this district is also known as a “little Kyoto of Michinoku”. The streets are alive with tourists in spring to see the cherry blossoms. It’s about 90mins by car from Tamagawa Hot Spring.
  • Sori no Taki Waterfall (Kazuno, Hachimantai)
    Sori no Taki Waterfall (Kazuno, Hachimantai)
    This waterfall is about 7.5km in the direction of Kazuno on Route 341 from Tamagawa Hot Spring. However, you can’t see it from the road. It’s about a 15min walk from the bus stop so comfortable walking shoes like sneakers are necessary.

  • Hachimantai-numa Pond (Summit of Hachimantai)
    Hachimantai-numa Pond (Summit of Hachimantai)
    It’s possible to use the bus to Hachimantai Chojo for this attraction. It’s about 40mins by car from Tamagawa Hot Spring. The magnificent natural scenery is the main appeal of this area and it’s best to allow at least 1 hour at the summit.

  • Kazuno Furusato-kan Antorao Center
    Kazuno Furusato-kan Antorao Center
    This center has Cinerama with a 360 degree screen introducing the sights of Kazuno and a festival exhibition hall where a Hanawabayashi (Japanese orchestra) float is on display. It’s about 50mins by car from Tamagawa Hot Spring.
  • Historical Site of Osarizawa Mine
    Historical Site of Osarizawa Mine
    This is a tourist attraction that reuses the site of the former Osarizawa Mine which has a history of 1,200 years. You can enjoy the mysterious underground world of the mine while learning about its history. It’s about 10mins by car from Antorao.
  • Korakukan (Kosaka, Kazuno-gun)
    Korakukan (Kosaka, Kazuno-gun)
    This is the oldest wooden playhouse in Japan. Taishu engeki and kabuki performances are performed here to this day. You can take tours around the building. Drop in when you’re sightseeing in the Lake Towadako area. It’s about 80mins by car from Tamagawa Hot Spring.
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